What is a VPN??

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A virtual private network uses a secure tunnel to connect to a remote server, encrypting all data that travels through the private tunnel VPN.

What a VPN Can Do For You

A VPN adds an encrypted layer of protection between your device and our server, making your Internet browsing more secure. This is especially true in public locations or free Wi-Fi hotspots where security is nearly non-existant.

Anonymity and privacy protection work hand-in-hand. We use a NAT firewall on all of our servers to share our public IPs which has two benefits; not only are you protected from remote people trying to access your device remotely, but your internet traffic is mixed among other customers' traffic, making it very difficult to know what any one person is doing giving you excellent privacy while connected to our VPN.

Benefits of our VPN include:

•Stop ISPs from spying and throttling your speed
•Prevent getting hacked while on public Wi-Fi
•Keep your online presence and information private
•Use your new entertainment system from anywhere in the world

You will be able to use your new VPN on any of your computers plus your tablets and mobile phone.

This service has been programmed into you new entertainment system. You will simply need to activate it. Instructions have been included.

Click Here to get your new VPN.

Click Here for instructions on how to add your VPN to your IPhone / IPad ( follow directions carefully..please note that the "Type" you should use is L2TP and the "secret" answer they ask for is      ipvanish )

Click Here for instructions on how to add VPN to your Android