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2006 Wisdom Award “Little Kickers and Teen Heat”

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Ivette Cortiella is a success story.
Founder & CEO

After spending years battling unhealthy eating habits and lacking all motivation to exercise she made the decision to take control of her life. She has worked hard to adopt the fitness plan she now shares with clients everywhere.

She became a fitness model and mentor for a national fitness program and dreamed of owning her own fitness business. Her career landed her in Hollywood , California to produce a fitness infomercial. The astounding results energized her to help people of all ages attain the fitness level they desired. She began mentoring people in online forums, worldwide commercials, infomercials, and then in major retail stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart. In 2004 with her energy still going strong, she began her dream of opening her first fitness center by developing Superfits Enterprises, Inc.

In 2006, her dream became a reality when she opened the doors to the public! She developed Little Kickers for children and the Teen Heat Home Fitness program striving to discourage the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. This has become a worldwide goal for Ivette, already receiving praise from Presidents Bush and Carter, New York Mayor Major Bloomberg and even Queen Elizabeth!

Her unique approach coupled with her own vitamin line, clothing line, equipment and DVD series has served her passion well. Appearing on the” South Florida Today Show” and a pending contract with the New Jersey Brick Township school board drives her passion forward. She hopes that someday every elementary and middle and senior high school in the world will have access to her fitness programs.

She is the Founder and CEO of Superfit-Kids. She lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She is energized by staying fit and living life to the fullest. She loves helping people and making their fitness dreams a reality!

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  Mission Statement
Our Mission is to provide a safe and educational environment within our centers, where children can strengthen themselves physically, mentally & emotionally while learning self-confidence & personal motivation. Our goal is to teach & install in all children healthy lifestyle skills to be carried on into adulthood.
  Franchise Opportunities
We are a vibrant & creative company that believes in health and fitness for young people from all walks of life! Superfit-Kids is currently offering affordable franchise opportunities to those that qualify! Take advantage of this exciting offer. Read More....



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