The Pinnacle Call Solutions team has hundreds of years of collective experience in both managing and training for the call center/contact center environment.  Regardless of whether you have an established training program, or if you need us to develop one for you, the Pinnacle Training department is up to the job.

Our experienced and robust training team will work hand in hand with your team to integrate your processes, objectives and expectations with our highly experienced and motivated employees.

If you have an existing program, we will assign a team to sit down with you and review each element of its implementation by our staff, to ensure we fulfill all of your practical and quality requirements.  We can also readily customize a training program to suit your unique needs. With your direct input, our team will review your company’s culture and philosophy, products, and target objectives to develop and tailor a program specific to you.  Our team has experience in numerous training programs representing thousands of hours of individual and classroom training. We have integrated programs from Fortune 500 companies to small companies looking for a high level of customer service that is both cost-effective and efficient.

The PCS advantage and commitment to servicing your product continues seamlessly beyond initial training, to the operational environment.  The very same extensive experience that exists in our Training Department is mirrored by our operational leadership team in providing close-in coaching, mentoring and motivating support.  Our Operational Staffing department has vast experience in allocating shifts and staffing, often in concert with our clients’ own network operations, to achieve the best use of all available staffing and technology resources.  Our experience and commitment to you in these areas  ensure that the quality and efficiency required to maximize your bottom line results receives consistent support and attention at all times. 

Pinnacle Call Solutions is ready to show you the clear advantages of engaging us as your one-stop source and partner in meeting your particular call center/contact center need!