What is a Call Center?

A call center is a group of individuals responding to inquiries from a customer in order to resolve an issue, provide information, or update information for the customer. The individuals can be located in a single location, working across several buildings, locations, cities or even working from home. A customer may be internal to the same business (as in an IT Help Desk) or outside of the organization (as in a paying customer for services). A call center may take incoming calls, make outgoing calls, respond to inquiries via email, chat, or fax. A call center may also be 24 x 7 x 365 or may work Monday to Friday depending on customer's needs. No two Call Centers or he needs they serve are necessarily alike.

Why is technology needed for a Call Center?

Not all Call Centers rely on technology to receive and direct incoming telephone calls. This treatment can easily be handled by simple instructions on any telephone system and may be suited for groups that handle a consistent or predictable amount of telephone calls by a consistent group of individuals adhering to a standard work schedule. Call Center technology, otherwise known as Automatic Call Distribution or ACD, can treat and direct calls by time of day, day of week, number of calls that are connected, on hold or the number of employees available to take telephone calls. Calls can also be redirected to other locations in the event of a disaster or event impacting business at a primary location. In addition, an ACD will also produce reports informing a Call Center Manager of the workload and the performance of a team or individuals.

What is needed to set-up an ACD?

ACD group begins with a general business purpose:  an understanding of the types of services being delivered to the callers and a main number to receive, direct and trigger events. Once this is understood, we identify the individuals who will answer the incoming calls. These individuals are "agents." The agent will use a desk phone or a soft client to access the ACD technology, logon to the ACD which instructs the ACD to direct or bypass the agent. The agent will use their phone to tell the ACD they are "available" to take a call, "unavailable" to receive a call, in "work" or wrapping up paperwork as a result of a call or "Do Not Disturb", creating a metric that represents not call related work, i.e. meetings.

What can I expect from Call Center technology?

You can expect to receive all the critical functional areas of today's call centers, including:

  • Call Center tools for your agents with the appropriate training, including PC (agent desktop), IP Phone, or remote agent capabilities
  • Real-time status displays for both the Call Center Manager and agents, informing each of the current status and client experience
  • Daily and Historical Reporting - Each Call Center Manager will receive daily reporting, reflecting hourly performance (if necessary) for the group performance and individual agent performance. Information is stored to allow a Call Center Manager to understand seasonal or periodic trends. This data can also be used to predict or forecast staffing needs when an increase in call volume is expected
  • Manage team performance by PC- based Supervisor desktop or Mobile Supervisor
    • The ability of the Supervisor Desktop to monitor critical performance metrics and actively chat, monitor, record, and send team messages allows managers to coach, train, and encourage agent behavior so that agents consistently perform their job function and process calls efficiently
Supervisors can change an agent's state from their desktop. With Supervisor Desktop, supervisors can easily log out missing agents or make unintentionally idle agents ready to take calls.

Where is your call center located?

Our call center is located in El Segundo, California – one of the safest and most business friendly cities in California, 1 mile south of Los Angeles International Airport.

How many years have you been in business?

Pinnacle has been providing inbound call center services since 1999. Prior to that time, many of Pinnacle’s senior and mid-level leadership team as well as its Customer Contact employees came from a major US airline call center background.

Do you provide 24 x 7 x 365 service?

Yes.  Pinnacle has the capability of tailoring service hours to virtually any requirement, including 24 x 7 x365.

How do you price your services?

Pinnacle works with each client to determine the best methodology of pricing its services, based on the scope and nature of the work to be performed.  Pricing factors may include call volume/cost per call, hours of operation, cost per agent hour, technology infrastructure costs (ie phone switch, instruments, computers, back-end reporting, and other factors.   Pinnacle does not provide firm pricing until a detailed scope of work is clearly understood and an effective call center solution outlined.

What differentiates you from your competition?

Pinnacle makes commitment to our customers’ individualized needs its singular priority.   Our years of experience with training, innovative staffing and technological solutions, and a superior performance management culture, allow us to deliver bottom line results for our partners with a unique emphasis on the customer experience.

Do you provide after hours call center services, overflow, and disaster recovery support for in-house call centers?

Yes. Pinnacle currently provides after hours, overflow, and disaster recovery call/contact center services for a Fortune 100 company, and has done so for nearly 15 years.

Can Pinnacle perform real-time credit card processing?

Yes.  Pinnacle can provide real time credit card processing, though it requires that its partners have their own merchant account and clearinghouse relationship.  Also, Pinnacle is PCI compliant.

Can you provide call recording services?

Yes. Pinnacle has the capability to record and store telephone transactions through a Total Quality Management System.  Partners have the ability to securely listen to calls taken on their behalf.

Can you provide chat and/or e-mail management services?

Yes.  Pinnacle can provide both of these services on behalf of its clients.

What is your ratio of customer advocates to supervisors?

15 to 1

What systems do your customer advocates interface with?

Pinnacle agents are equipped with business capacity PC Workstations with 19” flat panel screens.  All workstations are equipped with Windows XP or Windows 7 and have Internet access.

What telephony solutions do you employ?

Pinnacle employs a Shore Tel 220/T1A Shore Gear Switch along with Shore Tel Contact Center software and Dell Power Edge 410 server, with UPS backup.  Pinnacle leverages the latest in call center technology from Multimedia Servers, to SIP, to VOIP solutions.

What workforce management solution do you utilize?

Pinnacle uses IEX Total View Workforce Management Solution. This sophisticated solution integrates with the ACD information real time and build historical information that allows Pinnacle to project future staffing requirements in 15 minute increments.